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Last Book Review  


        The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro


Many of us didn't get on with the Buried Giant but some of us loved it.


A fantasy story set just after King Arthur's time the main premise is a mist covers the land that makes people forget.  While this has the advantage that it reduces the wars between the Britons and the Saxons it also has many other, more personal and unfortunate side effects.  Ishiguro often explores memory in his work and in this one his look at what happens to relationships when our memories disappear is interesting.  Unfortunately, the style of writing put several people off and with the characters having little memory some found the plot-line quite blunt and the ending predictable.   Those who enjoyed it said they suspended all disbelief, had an interest in Arthurian Legend or tried not to read too deeply into it.  Those who disliked it found it difficult to get into and there were 2 of the 9 scorers who hadn't finished it and weren't sure they would.  


Including the scores that were picked up from apologies emails/messages the book got 5.5 as an average, the spread was large, because it got 2 8's and 2 3's!